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You found it, the place where you can earn free BTC with no investment of any kind. Just a little time. Every 1-2 (approximately) minutes you can claim free fractions of a Bitcoin "BTC" called "Satoshi" using our free no sign up BTC faucet. The amount is random between 4 and 22 Satoshi making much like a free no gamble slot, except every spin you win something, and you don't need ID or need to be 21 to play here.


You need a bitcoin wallet from one of the two Micro wallets below to claim your free Satoshi's. Each claim of "Satoshi" is instantly sent to your wallet of choice.

The faucet is current sending to.

Watch & Earn BTC



Coming soon! Followers can earn BCP points for watching "bitopro" live on twitch and be able to convert them to BTC (Express Crypto/Faucet Pay wallets only). You will be able to claim your BCP for other prizes in the upcoming future.


Win marble races on the live stream for a BTC prize. Depending on

the day I might be playing poker but on some days I will run a race

series on marbles, 1st/2nd and 3rd win a BTC prize each race.


How to Play?

Just watch a live stream on and follow the

stream. Say "hi" and when a marbles race is about to start type

"!play" in the stream chat. that's it, your in the race.


1st place win = 150 Satoshi

2nd place win = 100 Satoshi

3rd place win = 50 Satoshi Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum
Watch Bitcopro and Earn

Stream Schedule


Tuseday, 3:00pm

Thursday, 3:00pm

Saturday, 5:00pm

  Sundays (Maybe)


Deposit on ACR using Crypto? YES!

Make your first deposit on Americas Cardroom Using Crypto like "BTC" or any other deposit method and recive a bonus that gives you free cash every and or a match offer. Just click the banner to the right for more information.


Don't forget to find me at the tables and the live stream know your sitting with me. You could be the hero on the stream for the day.


ACR also has a new selection of slots and live dealer games to play. I recommend the "Live Dealer Blackjack" and just might live stream a seson.


This "Cloud Miner" really pays to use. For fast gains and low withdraws I recommend mining LTC here!